Smart contracts made simple

Create new opportunities while reducing costs with blockchain technologies.

Register and authenticate

No more manual paper contracts and reducing costs by a factor 10-20.

contracts online

IBT offers an online solution where contracts are registered and authenticated in any blockchain. Thereby safeguarding and connecting the data at a fraction of manual service costs.

Automate and Authenticate.

Digitize and
automate contracts

Generate and register your contract online.
All data streams are recorded in the Blockchain.
Transparant and no more fraud.

The data of the signed contract can be authenticated even after that contract has crossed geographic or organizational boundaries and service providers.

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What is the blockchain?

A new internet
network protocol

Just as you have HTTP for websites, and SMTP for e-mail, you have Blockchain for value transfer.

The Blockchain is a new network protocol on the internet that can be compared to a global
de-central notary. It maintains a digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record everything of value and importance.

the right issues

A blockchain ledger is an uncorruptable ledger. Together with our software that is blockchain and platform agnostic we make trade finance easy and fast.


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